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Ian Krager, Class of 2022

Izzy Murphy, Class of 2022

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  • SA Senator and Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, previously a Legislative Advisor and Executive Director of Academic Affairs
  • Member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and undergraduate student representative on the College Curriculum Committee, Faculty Council, Student Systems Governance Committee, Academic Administration and Policy Team, and the Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid search committee
  • Implemented SA Resolution 52 by working with the College Center for Advising Services to clarify the existing process for resolving academic grievances and reforming the comment/complaint/praise form to be more accessible and transparent for students
  • Implemented SA Resolution 54 to create a more equitable and accountable system of grading, teaching assistant guidance, syllabus-drafting, and course planning by successfully advocating for a new syllabus template to ensure the consistency of AS&E faculty policies across courses
  • Working with the University Registrar to implement SA Resolution 57 by evaluating undergraduate class sizes and ensuring the University prioritizes increasing the physical space on campus designated for academic purposes when assessing and planning future River Campus capital projects
  • Sponsored SA Resolution 62 to ensure undergraduate representation in the implementation of the new ‘UR Student’ system, coordinated undergraduate testing of the new system, and successfully advocated for a student representative on the Student Systems Governance Committee
  • Other on campus involvement: Committee for Political Engagement; Meridian Society (Tour guides); ResLife; and Sigma Phi Epsilon


  • Currently an SA Senator and a member of the Senate Student Life Committee
  • Undergraduate student representative on the Ethical Investment Advisory Board, which locates areas of potential concern in the University’s investment portfolio and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees Investment Committee regarding specific investments, communications, and proxy votes
  • Secretary for the 2022 Class Council
  • Other on-campus involvement: Mock Trial; Sigma Delta Tau; Co-president of Grassroots, an environmental advocacy group; Member of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) Council, a group of students that researched CAPs at other schools and is meeting with President Mangelsdorf at the end of April to discuss recommendations for a CAP

Three most important proposals:

  • We all recognize the urgent need for more mental health resources, but this is a conversation SA and students have been having for years. We will partner with the Mental Health Task Force to commission a university-wide mental health report endorsing recommendations for expanding professional treatment services, increasing wellness educational programming, and making operational improvements to existing campus health care infrastructure. This will ensure a cohesive and centralized effort that will result in meaningful change for our campus community.
  • We are committed to ensuring that everyone feels safe, welcomed, and supported in our campus community. We promise a student-focused approach that will regularly consult with communities on campus to ensure we are proactively advocating for the needs of our diverse student body. Specifically, we will analyze the bias-related incident process to identify improvement areas that will ensure we respond to these cases as seriously as we do to academic dishonesty and student conduct (i.e. drugs/alcohol) cases.
  • We will prioritize a partnership with Administration to ensure UR has a plan to decrease its waste, carbon footprint, and resource consumption. We will advocate for the creation of a university-wide Climate Action Plan and ensure that students and student organizations are actively involved in its implementation.

Other Candidate Profile: Justyna Gorka and Marc Haddad

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