Illustration by Jane Pritchard

Wasting money is part of the UR experience. Sometimes you end up spending a fortune on something you’ll regret later, like those ugly Shrek sneakers, tickets to the big squash game, or tuition. But if you don’t want to end up using your diploma as a coaster in your parent’s basement, you’ll need to avoid debt, and that means raking in the big bucks fast. So here are three easy steps to make mega moolah in college!


Part With the Part Time
Getting a part time job at the University seems like a good idea, but you should avoid doing so at all costs. It’ll be a thousand times harder to get a job at Hillside when everyone from Sue B. to Southside is also applying. If you want to make more money than anyone else, you have to look where no one else is looking (not Joblink).


Build a Business From Bed
What if I told you that instead of serving fries at McDonald’s, you can build your own business without leaving your room? It turns out you can, but only if you have the right motivation. To get started, all you need to do is build inventory. I highly recommend buying as many orders of VitaBlast Nutrition Shakes as you can afford from a VitaBlast representative. The cost may seem steep, but the investment will pay off big time once you start marketing on multiple levels.


Recruit Your Friends
Any schmuck can buy 14 dozen crates of VitaBlast, but only real entrepreneurs — like you and me — can make it into an opportunity. Selling shakes on your own is not the VitaBlast way. Even Jeff Bezos got help from his buddies in the early days. That’s why you need to convince all your friends, family, professors, and exes to buy into this amazing business opportunity. All they need to do is purchase some of your inventory so they can recruit more people in turn. We here at VitaBlast call that business model a “Triangular Multi-Level Marketing Plan,” because when you map out all the people in the business, it makes a shape that looks like a triangle. Make sure to sever relationships with anyone that tells you it’s a “Pyramid Scheme.” Even a toddler can tell you that a pyramid and a triangle are two different things.


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