Dr. Donald Hall became dean of the faculty of ASE on July 1 after a search committee of faculty and deans unanimously selected him for the position.

As dean of faculty, Hall overlooks Arts, Sciences, and Engineering. He plays a vital role in managing the college’s budget, working with the provost of the University, and communicating with upper administration.

“I’m very excited. I have known members of the University of Rochester community for many years and am happy now to be a part of this community,” Hall said. He mentioned the school’s “great national and international reputation,” and cited it as “a place where students are being prepared for very successful careers and where cutting edge research is being done.”

Hall’s goals as the new dean of faculty are to truly understand the campus and create a deeper connection with individuals around the University.

“For my first year, my primary goal really is getting to know everyone,” Hall said. “I have been highly impressed with the students, staff and faculty whom I have met this summer, but they are simply the tip of the iceberg. I truly look forward to visiting the various departments in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering, and [hearing] from everyone working, studying, and teaching there.”

In addition, Hall stated he is looking forward to learning about the interests and ambitions of individuals on campus. He believes that every campus is unique and that he wishes to hear from others what UR’s greatest strengths and potential.

Although Hall is excited to be working on the UR campus, he admits that it will definitely be difficult getting used to how the University is run.

“My biggest challenge will be simply learning how things work here,” Hall said. “I’ve taught and administered at three other universities, and each has been very different in terms of how changes are made and who makes decisions.

“UR has its own culture and its own processes,” he continued. “I need to learn which levers to pull to best meet the needs of my faculty, staff, and students.”

While Hall said he is unable to predict specific changes that may occur later in the school year, he wishes to “emphasize the importance of celebrating and drawing strength from our national and international diversity.”

In the future, Hall hopes to increase the University’s efforts in hiring and supporting faculty from various backgrounds in order to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

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