UR Men’s Club Volleyball (MCVB) serves as an escape for its team members while still maintaining a rigorous level of competition.

“The team offers a nice balance between being competitive and staying laid back,” senior and team captain Aaron Santiago said. “It’s a nice, safe environment to let off steam and relax, while still having fun with the game.”

A relaxing environment away from the hours spent studying is much appreciated by the members of the team. Students on the team benefit from the occasional healthy break. The club team, like many others on campus, offers a less time-consuming commitment to athletics than varsity sports. This is not to say that the team does not take itself seriously: Members are just not mandated to attend all practices, especially during exam weeks.

Yet the practices are quite structured. Captains and coaches make an effort to have the team focus on fundamentals through specific drills. If the team feels they have covered enough ground on what they need to improve on, a practice could end in a game or scrimmage.

MCVB takes pride in the relationships it establishes. Not only does the club help members bond, but it also has built important relationships with other schools, which has led to friendly “off-the-books” matches. These connections have helped the team prepare for tournaments.

“A big part of the club is getting ready for tournaments,” junior Benjamin Saltzman said. “I’ve been on the team for over two years, and the club has always done a good job at making sure we are competitive enough to keep us improving for each tournament.”

Indeed, improvement is a priority for this club team. The team participates in tournaments throughout the academic year, playing against multiple schools in the area.

The team is currently looking to participate in one more tournament before winter break and the club team finals in the spring.

“The club is a good time, and we are competitive in our league,” junior Noah Pulley said. “Everyone should come out to see us sometime.”

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