1. On Jan. 15, UR staff reported water leaking out of the ceiling near room 228A in Morey Hall. When the responding officers arrived, they found a large pool of water beginning to flood the area. The tunnel to Morey was closed for a short period of time due to the flooding. UR facilities later determined that the leak was caused by a failed fan coil located in room 321. The water to the area was shut off, and environmental services took charge in handling the cleanup. Several offices in Morey experienced mild water damage.

Fire alarm in Rush Rhees Library

2. On Jan. 18, the fire alarm in Rush Rhees library was activated. The fire alarm activation was caused by water that leaked into a ceiling heat detecter in G-117. Facilities concluded that the water came from a sink in the men’s restroom in room 113. The water flow was stopped and the alarm was reset. 

Fire alarm in Crosby

3. On Jan. 18 the fire alarm in Crosby Hall was activated. The cause of the fire alarm’s activation was determined to be smoke from burned food that traveled into a resident lounge. Rochester Fire Department (RFD) responded, checked the area, and then gave residents permission to re-enter the building once it was safe. No injuries or damage occurred.

Fire alarm in Gale

4. On Jan. 18, the fire alarm in Gale House was activated. Rochester Fire Department (RFD) responded, and the cause was determined to be burned food. No injuries or damage occurred.

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