1. On Nov. 11, staff in the Technology Lending Library in Rettner Hall reported that sometime between Oct. 10 and Nov. 11, an unidentified person or persons had stolen two laptops, a tablet, six digital cameras and a pair of goggles from a secured cabinet. Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers found no signs of forced entry into the room (Rettner 201) or the cabinet. The theft was discovered by staff during an inventory of the cabinet. The estimated value of the stolen items is $5,647.00.


Students drive-and-dash


2. On Nov. 13, a cab driver reported that he had transported two unidentified students to campus, and, upon arriving, both students jumped out of the cab and ran into O’Brien Hall without paying.


Fire alarm in Building B at Riverview


3.  On Nov. 14, a fire alarm was activated in Riverview Building B. DPS determined the alarm had been set off by burnt food. Rochester Fire Department (RFD) responded and ventilated the area and the system was reset.


Fire alarm in Hoeing


4. On Nov 15, a fire alarm was activated in Hoeing Residence Hall. DPS determined the alarm had been set off by burnt food which was left unattended. RFD responded, ventilated the area and reset the fire alarm system.


Women report theft during fraternity party


5. On Nov. 15, four female students reported the theft of their personal property from their coats while attending a party in Delta Kappa Epsilon on Nov. 14. Two of the women reported that their ID cards had been stolen, and while canceling their cards, were advised that several purchases had been made on both cards at vending machines in O’Brien Hall.


Student attempts to drive impounded vehicle


6. On Nov. 17, DPS responded to Faculty Road Circle to meet with a parking supervisor regarding a damaged boot on a vehicle. On the scene, officers determined the student whose car was booted had tried driving the car with the boot on it, significantly damaging the boot. Facilities was contacted to assist in removing the boot from the vehicle. The student was advised by parking that he would be responsible for the damage/replacement of the boot as well.

Passanisi is a member of the class of 2017.

Information provided by UR Public Safety.

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