This past Monday, humor editor and sophomore Erik Chiodo ‘17 sat down with fellow humor editor Chris Horgan ‘17 to hold an intervention. During the meeting, Chiodo didn’t hold any feelings back, immediately accusing Horgan of “not writing enough for the section.”

“I like to think that I’m one with the student body, so if any students contribute, I am contributing too, in a sense,” Horgan stated.

After Horgan seemed to misinterpret Chiodo’s intent, Chiodo turned to the use of statistics and logic to further develop his argument, saying, “if you disregard and don’t count all of the articles [Horgan’s] written in the past, then it is clear that [Horgan] does not contribute.”

Horgan then responded by claiming that he can’t brainstorm anything, to which Chiodo suggested writing an article about the intervention and the lack of contributions.

“Writing an article about the intervention or the lack of contributions would be a dumb idea,” Horgan noted. “It wouldn’t get published; humor holds a higher standard than that.”

Both humor editors, despite recent lame-duck accusations, continue to defend their tactics, regardless of their criticisms of themselves. After all, it is this resilience that has solidified the editors’ section as one of the best in the paper.

“We worked diligently to be one of the top six sections in the paper and the top humor section; the rankings speak for themselves,” Horgan concluded.

Horgan is a member of
the class of 2017.

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