1. On Friday, Nov. 14, two thefts were reported in Gilbert Hall. The first was reported at 11:22am after an iPad was taken from a lounge area. The student stated that they left the iPad for only a few seconds while they went to their room for something. When the student returned, the iPad was gone. No one was seen in the area at the time of the theft. The second incident was reported at 8:18pm. This student reported that their laptop was taken from their room. The student stated that they were gone from their room for about an hour, during which time the theft occurred. The student stated that the room door was open and unsecured during the time of the theft. A check of the area by Public Safety officers found no suspect or information about that theft.


Grease Fire in Valentine


2. On Nov. 13 at 1:06pm, Public Safety officers responded to a fire alarm in Valentine Tower. Upon arrival, officers found a grease fire on the stove that was still burning. Rochester Fire Department (RFD) was notified to respond. The fire eventually burned itself out prior to RFD’s arrival. The student stated that they were cooking on the stove when the grease caught on fire. The student tried to use water to extinguish the flames but was unsuccessful in doing so. The area was ventilated and the alarm was reset. The only damage was to the stovetop, and no injuries were reported.


Man on drugs approaches Public Safety Officer 


3. On Nov. 17 at 11:06pm, a Public Safety officer working in the Brooks Landing area was approached by a male in the Brooks Landing parking lot. The officer was in his patrol vehicle when the male walked up to him. The unaffiliated male stated that he was having some personal issues and wanted help. The male admitted to the officer  that he had taken a large amount of prescription medications to harm himself. The officer called for an ambulance, and the male was taken to Strong Emergency Department for treatment.

Kadir is a member of

the class of 2017.

Information provided by 

UR Public Safety.

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