1. On Sept. 14 at 7:53pm, a Public Safety Officer was stopped and advised of a car in Hill Court lot under Phase Bridge with a broken window. The officer located the car and found the front passenger window smashed out. The officer was able to track down the owner and she reported to the vehicle. The owner stated that she parked the car at 1:00pm and it was fine. The owner checked the car and found a GPS unit removed from the center console and some other items in the car had been thrown about. A police report was filed.


Group sneaks onto Brooks Crossing construction site


2. On Sept. 26 at 1:48am, a Public Safety Officer observed three individuals entering a construction area at Brooks Crossing via CCTV. Other officers were sent to the area to check on the individuals. Responding officers located the three individuals inside the fenced construction area.  The three identified themselves as two undergraduates and one alumnus. The group first stated that they thought it was the front entrance to the residence hall area. They then changed their story and stated that they knew they should not have been in the area.  The three were warned and sent on their way.


Understimulated undergrads climb library fire escape


3. On Sept. 27 at 12:57am, a Public Safety Officer was alerted to persons climbing the fire escape on Rush Rhees Library. Officers responded and located four persons on the fire escape facing Frederick Douglass Building. Officers observed the four were about half way up to the top. Officers advised the group to come down and they did without incident. The group of four were identified as undergraduates who statedt that they went up the fire escape for something to do. They were all warned against climbing the fire escape and sent on their way.



Kadir is a member of the class of 2017.

Information provided by UR Public Safety

Riseup with Riseman

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