For just about every UR athletic team, the expectations going into each season are very high. This was no different for the Rochester Men’s Squash team. Coming off last season’s 11-6 record, the Squash team’s set their seasonal  goals even higher.

The team finished the final portion of their season quite intensely, finishing in 7th place at the College Squash Association Potter Cup Tournament. The Jackets edged out the University of Pennsylvania in their last game of the tournament 7 to 2.

The Jackets season had its ups and downs with memorable wins against big-name opponents Vassar and Princeton, and recording losses against Harvard and Yale.

The Jackets end their season with an overall record of 8-7 and a conference record of 3-1, which translates to an impressive .750 winning percentage.

The Squash team will take a loss next season as they graduate Senior Karm Kumar, who has had an outstanding record during his past four years here at UR.

However, the excitement going into next season is immeasurable, as this year’s team has comprised mostly freshmen and sophomores, all of whom have an extra year’s worth of experience.

The Intercollegiate Squash season now heads into CSA Individual Championships. The top players from Rochester’s Squash team as well as other top athletes from around the country will compete against one another and vie for personal glory.

Chtchekine is a member of the class of 2016.


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