Boubacar Diallo

Courtesy of UR Athletics

Diallo has been named Men’s Field Athlete of the Week by the New York State Collegiate Track Conference. He competed at the Brockport Invitational in both the triple and long jumps and finished first in the triple jump with a distance of 14.28 meters. He currently ranks tenth nationally in NCAA Division III. Diallo finished sixth in the long jump at Brockport as well, clearing a distance of 6.69 meters, ranking him in the top 50 of Division III.

What is your major?
Mechanical engineering and mathematics.

When did you begin participating in track and field events?
When I was 10 years old, I joined a local club in Bignona, Senegal. I only did long jumps then, but I ranked second in my country.

How did you feel when you won?
It was unbelievable. I began triple jump when I came to UR. My coach has helped me improve my triple-jump techniques during practice, but they resulted in only small improvements. However, during the meet, I was able to increase the distance by a whole meter, which left me baffled

How did you manage to perform so well, if you just started out recently?
I believe in having fun when I perform a triple jump, which definitely helps. I think you need to work smart, but unless you can apply the technique right, it does not make much of a difference. Also, I pray before every meet, and my mother is my inspiration.

What is your favorite track and field moment?
After we came back from winter break, I overslept one practice and the whole team came to wake me up. It was really amusing, and I appreciated the team spirit.

What is the best thing your coach ever told you?
When I first competed, my performance ranked fourth in State and my head coach told me, “You will go to the nationals one day.”

If not track and field, what would you have played?
Ultimate frisbee. Even soccer and basketball, maybe. I have always been a sports person.

What do you love about the UR?
The weather, I think.(laughs)

If you could sprint/jump to any place on Earth, where would that be?
Back to Bignona, Senegal.

What are your aspirations now?
I hope to win the nationals for UR one day. I want to keep improving and who knows, I might represent my country in the Olympics one day.

    Varma is a member of the class of 2016.

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