Cheryl Seligman, Features Editor

Parties on the Fraternity Quadrangle make themselves unforgettable in many ways. Aside from how easy it is to become highly intoxicated, the most important part of any of these events is the theme — if it’s boring, the party is sure to be bland — incredible if it’s not. Many unique themes surfaced on the Frat Quad this year. They were unique in the sense that they pop up every year, but no one gets tired of them, and included toga, space and any of the decades.

To make next year even more interesting, students have come up with new ideas for party themes for future implementation.
In considering the options, it is necessary to keep two things in mind. First, the theme should not require anyone to dress up if the whole point of partying is to dress down. This is why toga parties are such a hit — everyone is wrapped in a piece of cloth.
Second, there needs to be theme-appropriate music, which must be blasted at the party so that nobody can hear what anyone else is saying. Loud music serves many good purposes at a frat party, like blocking out unintelligent statements made under the influence of alcohol.

With those items considered, one idea that students have proposed is bubble wrap. Not only does a bubble wrap theme inspire great ideas for outfits, but if students get bored, they can pop their clothing. Bubble wrap provides hours and hours of entertainment and works as protective gear, too. Just think about all the liquids partygoers won’t be drenched in. And, even if students fall down and knock themselves unconscious, they’ll be less likely to break any bones.

Another suggestion is board games. Nothing compares to dressing like a shoe from Monopoly, and nothing screams attractive like dressing as an apple from Apples to Apples.

If board games don’t float their boats, students could hold a Vegas-themed party and dress up like a poker chip or the ace of spades. Or, if they have a thing for presents, they might try a wrapping paper theme, choosing from a vast selection of patterns and using ribbon to hold their costumes together.

Also on the list is superheroes. After all, it’s hard for the ladies to ignore Superman in his tights. Wonder Woman grabs attention as well with her red-heeled boots.

The Hulk would surely go unmissed, but for all the wrong reasons. While all the costume requires is boxers, being green is not sexy no matter how much Kermit the Frog disagrees.

The final proposed theme is shapes. Plates of all shapes, sizes and colors can be found in the campus dining halls, so shouldn’t that translate well into a party theme? Students can be large squares or a small circles, the latter of which certainly uses the least amount of clothing imaginable.

But all of these are only suggestions. There are many more possibilities for themes, from hand cuffs to mustaches. The summer could be the perfect time to get creative, so start brainstorming!

Panda is a member of the class of 2014.

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