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Between several key signings in the off-season and a returning core of talented players, the Philadelphia Eagles could do big things this season.

Perhaps the most largely publicized acquisition — quarterback Michael Vick — has been an unstable force. He has led the Eagles to a measly 1-2 start, and his playing style has him at risk of injury in seemingly every game.

That said, the Eagles nabbed former Titans quarterback Vince Young, a viable replacement for Vick, should he go down or fail to keep the Eagles winning. Young has a career 30-17 record and was the 2006 Offensive Rookie of the Year, but a nagging hamstring injury has kept him off the field so far this season.

Former New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith has four receptions for 56 yards since moving to the Eagles — not a bad start for a backup behind wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson.

Defensively, the Eagles are still coming together, but they have the tools to perform. In five games with the  Kansas City Chiefs last year, safety Jarrad Page had 19 tackles. In comparison, Page has amassed 18 tackles through just his first three games with the Eagles. Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins and defensive end Jason Babin both averaged about 4 sacks per year before coming to Philadelphia. In an auspicious display of prowess, each has already racked up four sacks this season.

The Eagles made some great off-season moves, but their division will not be as easy to win as some people may think. Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman has suprised the football world and has established his team as an NFC East power, while the Dallas Cowboys go as far as quarterback Tony Romo (assuming he stays healthy) takes them. Philadelphia’s schedule is not too difficult, but neither is the Redskins’ nor the Giants’.

Philadelphia has the pieces for a solid playoff run, but the team must come together as a unit quickly if it wants a chance at making the 2011-12 campaign a memorable one.

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