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Spieth slips at Augusta

Last weekend, the golf world turned its eyes to the 2016 Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. One of the PGA's first of four major tournaments, a win at the Masters is known as the biggest and most coveted prize professional golf has to offer.

The Toronto Raptors: Rise of Ruse?

Max Eber shares his thoughts on the Toronto Raptors.

A Global Giant in Transition

The first thing that comes to mind when virtually anyone in the world hears the words Manchester United is soccer.…

World Cup chances in a nutshell

For many years now, World Cup pundits have dubbed the most competitive group in the initial stage of the World…

NFL read-option: dying fad or valuable strategy?

Commentators around the NFL have been speculating that the read-option, when quarterbacks have the option either run or pass on…

Dethroning the ‘King of Clay’

The leader of men's professional tennis, Rafael Nadal, may be surpassed by Novak Djokovic.

2013 season reflects success of 2012 NFL draft

With the upcoming NFL draft, a look at the 2013 season provides insight into the success of the previous draft.

Winners and losers in the free agent market

Some teams in the NFL successfully signed players, while others faltered and fell short in their pickings.

Buffalo Bills desperately seek a winning culture

A look at what the Buffalo Bills are missing from their team and its lack of success.

Prospective quarterbacks raise uncertainty in NFC East

The Philadelphia Eagles recently signed with former Pittsburgh Eagles quarterback Dennis Dixon, now Michael Vick has competition for a starting spot.