The Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance appears each year on the Trumansburg Fairgrounds in Trumansburg New York for four days of celebration of both contemporary and traditional roots music. Originally starting as a humble AIDS benefit concert in Ithaca, Grassroots has evolved into a nationally recognized nonprofit event.

Check out photos of last year’s 20th annual Grassroots Festival, or for more information on this summer’s coming festival, visit the Grassroots website at

Photos by Matt Chin and Brendan Boehner

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From their black Doc Marten boots and the rings on every finger, I thought that Bea was going to be cool and hip, and I was totally right!

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Professors offer extra credit to students willing to do their dirty work.


Perhaps it is love that equips us with an unknown strength and resilience, guiding the path to fighting away our greatest fears.