Student newspapers are an ancient tradition for almost every university in this country, but many schools still do not offer the option to actually major in journalism, including this one. While a journalism minor is offered, UR students who want to major in journalism must instead follow an English concentration in Language, Media, and Communication. This concentration is certainly substantial, in that it gives students a vast overview of working in many different forms of media, including print journalism, film, broadcasting and verbal rhetoric. 

   However it also includes a requirement of at least two literature courses, which leans much closer to English studies than anything particularly media-related. The broad course selection can also distract future journalists from getting real world experience.

   The popularity of UR’s journalism classes is evident — last semester’s Feature Writing class had about fifty students, and Professor Memmott’s Reporting and Writing the News class was recently broken into two consecutive sessions to accommodate all the students who enroll. 

   Journalism is also currently going through the most dramatic revolution it has ever seen — the dominance of digital media over print has completely changed the traditions and code of conduct that long accompanied reporting. UR’s aspiring journalists could greatly benefit from a formal education in the ethics of reporting now more than ever. 

   A proper major in journalism could not only prepare students to enter today’s remodeled press, and also get aspiring reporters the experience they really need through work study programs. 

   More than for many other career paths, a vital element of journalism is getting on-the-job experience as early and often as possible. The Campus Times alone isn’t enough to equip students with the substantial journalistic experience they need.

    If UR worked to make journalism its own major, this school’s future reporters could get an even greater education in the classroom, as well as the essential education outside of it.

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