In a September invitational, freshman Frances Tseng defeated the ‘Jackets No. 1 singles tennis player, junior Lia Weiner.Since then, the two have been a compatible doubles pairing, commanding a record of 19-5. Alone, Tseng has proven her ability equally well.

Tseng won both her matches this weekend at second singles, improving her overall record to 21-4. Meanwhile, the powerful Tseng/Weiner duo won both their doubles matches, continuing their high from beating the No. 2 doubles team in the Northeast, 8-3, over Spring Break.

As a freshman playing first doubles and second singles, do you find that you face older opponents?
I do end up facing older opponents, but no matter what age my opponents are, I just play my game.

You’ve had four months off from gameplay since the fall. How’s it different coming back in the spring?
I set goals for myself for the spring. During the four months off from gameplay, I tried to work on certain aspects of my game that I could improve on from the fall, in order to achieve those goals.
When spring came along, I was excited to start off the new season being mentally and physically prepared.

How do you stay motivated and focused in practice during that long break?
I love tennis. I enjoy playing it and pushing myself and always thinking that I can do better. During that long break, I worked hard in preparing myself so that when spring comes along, I can produce satisfying results.

What’s it like playing alongside Lia Weiner in doubles matches? What do you gain most from the partnership?
We work well as a doubles team and I learn a great deal from playing alongside an experienced college tennis player.

A few weeks ago you and Lia took out the No. 2 ranked doubles team in the Northeast. What did that feel like?
It felt exciting at that moment because it made me realize that we have a chance of taking out more challenging opponents in the future. While I celebrated the win, I also took that opportunity to reflect on things that we can improve on in order to defeat more challenging teams in the matches to come.

Name your favorite moment in a game this year. What about this season?
My favorite moment was probably my time in Florida. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the competition and the bonding with my teammates. I enjoyed every moment of the season so far and hopefully will continue to have more exciting moments in the years to come.

Leber is a member of the class of 2011.

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