UR security officers responded to a report that the fourth floor area of Hutchinson Hall was filling with smoke on Friday, Jan. 22 at 2:24 p.m., and the building had to be evacuated.

The Rochester Fire Department responded and identified the cause of the smoke to be a blown electrical transformer.

The fourth and fifth floors also lost their power, apparently due to this incident.
According to UR Security Investigator Daniel Lafferty, facilities staff will continue to investigate the power outage.

Facilities staff replaced the electrical transformer, and the system reset once they gave the all-clear.
There was no damage, except to the transformer.

Items from purse missing after fraternity party

2. One undergraduate reported items from her purse missing after accidentally leaving it at the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity House during a party on Jan. 14.
According to Lafferty, the student realized the next morning that she had left her purse behind in the second-floor bathroom.
When the student returned to the house, she found the purse with her ID card and Blackberry cell phone missing from the bag.
No brothers at the house reported having seen the purse. A police report has not yet been filed.

Student watched, taunted through window

3. An Eastman School of Music student reported that two unidentified individuals were watching her and making faces while she was in an Eastman practice room at 12:36 a.m., on Wednesday, Jan. 20.
The suspects left, only to return again to continue to make faces. The student notified UR Security, but Lafferty said the subsequent search of the area yielded no results.

Steam clouds stairwell

4. A steam leak between Hoyt Auditorium and Dewey Hall completely obstructed visibility on the stairwell next to Hoyt last Friday night.
Security officers who were patrolling the area noticed the leak at approximately 10:42 p.m., according to Lafferty.
The area was then blocked off with barrier tape for precaution, and facilities staff were contacted to oversee the repair process.

Staff member transported to Strong

5. On Friday, Jan. 22, a staff member experienced shortness of breath and a tightness in his chest in Hill Court at 2:38 p.m.
The staff member was transported via ambulance to the Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department for further evaluation and care. No information is available about his health status.

Bicycle removed from
fraternity house

6. A Psi Upsilon Fraternity brother reported his bicycle stolen from the first floor library room of his fraternity house, according to Lafferty.
The bicycle went missing sometime between Thursday afternoon, Jan. 21 and early Friday evening, Jan. 22.
Neither the bicycle nor the door to the library were secured. No police report has been filed.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Leber is a member of
the class of 2011.

Information provided
by UR Security.

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