According to UR Security Investigator Daniel Lafferty, officers observed an individual being carried into Hoeing Hall on Sunday, Oct. 5.

Officers initiated contact with the group and identified the person being carried as a 20-year-old undergraduate student. Officers found the student to be intoxicated.

The student told the officers she had consumed two beers. As the student was walking up some stairs, she lost her balance and fell. She hit her head on both the handrail and the wall when she fell.

Rural Metro was notified and responded. The student was stabilized and transported via ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department for care.

Children suspected of stealing bikes

Officers responded on Saturday, Oct. 4 to a scene on Faculty Road and Wilson Boulevard, according to Lafferty.

It had been reported that there were children taking bikes from the Rush Rhees Library’s bike rack.

Officers spoke with two youths who were riding bikes. One was 12 years old, and the other was 14 years old. The youths contended that they owned the bikes.

The two said they had been using the computers in Rush Rhees Library.

After using the computers, they stopped and bought candy at the Corner Store. The children got their bikes from the bike rack and proceeded to leave.

The children did have unopened candy with them.

Both were identified, warned and advised. After the incident, they were escorted from the property.

Attempted bike robbery thwarted by police

Shortly after midnight on Saturday, Oct. 11, an officer patrolling the Riverview Apartments found two cut cable bike locks on the ground near one of the bike racks outside Building D.
According to Lafferty, as the officer was checking the area, an unidentified suspect riding one bike and holding a second came out of the Luther Circle area.

A Rochester police officer entered the scene, and as soon as the suspect saw the police vehicle, he dropped the second bike and rode from the area.

The owner of the bike was identified as an undergraduate residing in Riverview. She identified her bike and it was released to her.

Two students faint in line

On Thursday, Oct. 8, officers responded to the Pit in Wilson Commons because of a report of a student who fainted.

While on scene with the first student and Medical Emergency Response Team member, a second student in line fainted as well.

According to Lafferty, the second student was assisted to the floor by officers and MERT staff. Both students were transported via ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital for evaluation and care.

No injuries were reported by the students.

Information provided by UR Security.

Schneier is a member of the class of 2011.

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