With her previous administrative experience at Columbia University and New York University, newly hired Assistant Dean of Students Morgan Levy is certainly qualified and capable. At UR, she is notably responsible for disciplining students who misstep. Levy must make it a priority to engage students outside of her office so she is not only seen as the judicial coordinator.

Levy noted that her most important responsibility is to help students who are brought to her office; however, she described herself as an ‘educator” rather than a disciplinarian. Levy explained she intends to help students evaluate their behavioral issues and form a plan to avoid later transgressions.

While her approach is insightful, Levy should consider the possibility that the root of a problem may lie with another party rather than the individual sitting in front of her. A dialogue as opposed to a lecture will be more beneficial because it would demonstrate she is truly invested in a student’s overall well-being and success rather than simply carrying out their punishment. Furthermore, it would behoove Levy to follow up with students she has to discipline since it would foster a positive relationship.

In order to connect with students outside of her administrative role, Levy must immerse herself in other aspects of student life. She is already off to a good start as the adviser of a fraternity, and she also intends to step up as a premajor adviser next year.

Freshman Orientation 2009 will be a crucial time for Levy to participate on campus appearances at events like Red Light, Green Light would certainly be welcomed. This week is a great opportunity for Levy to interact with and make a good impression on the new freshman class.

Stronger relationships with students and increased visibility is a good first step toward becoming a more empathetic assistant dean of students.

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