Several minor construction projects are in progress on the River Campus. This past summer, work was done in Fauver Stadium. New lights were installed and the concourse was repainted. However, the completion of one project sometimes leads to the necessity of another, according to Associate Vice President of University Facilities and Services Richard Pifer.

‘We try to minimize disruption for the students and faculty and complete as much of the River Campus construction activity during the summer as we can,” Pifer said. ‘However, some activities, such as the re-establishment of lawns following construction, necessarily run into the fall.”

Initially, many of the walkways were replaced with new pavement. Upon completion of the project, the walkway construction damaged the lawn.

In order to restore a healthy lawn to support Meliora weekend activities, Facilities fenced off the lawn until mid-October.

In addition to restoring the lawn, the stairs to the Eastman Quadrangle are also under repair. Prior to the start of the school year, the foundation underneath the stairs was deteriorating. Also, a few of the granite steps were cracking. Although the necessary repairs were identified, the project was delayed due to shipment.

‘We were able to identify a quarry that had granite that closely matched the existing steps. Unfortunately, the shipment of the new steps was delayed by the quarry and we were unable to finish the project prior to the beginning of the school year,” Pifer said.

If weather is permitting, the project is scheduled for completion toward the end of this week.
Among other small projects, a ‘Wilson Commons” sign has been placed on top of the building’s main entrance.

Nathaniel is a member of the class of 2011.

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