In reference to the new dining plan – Why on Earth is this a good idea?

Even if a student living in a particular area would choose a plan similar to the one that will soon be mandated for them, why should any student accept the University denying us that choice?

This is another obvious attempt by the school to milk students for every dollar.

I know from my years living on campus, that I never am able to use up all my Clubs, and now Clubs are going to be forced on students?

Perhaps the strangest part about this whole change is that Dining Services claims that this new plan offers greater flexibility!. Did I miss something here?

These changes are the opposite of flexible, and I urge the rest of the student body to voice their displeasure over this transparent change by Dining Services.

To Cam Schauf and the other administrators in Dining Services: shame on you. Give the students back the choices they deserve.

-Ben Fusco-GessickClass of 2008

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