So I know this guy who cheated on his long-term girlfriend with his best buddy’s little sister. Gasp!

Did anyone have the balls to pass on this juicy tidbit of extremely drama-filled info to the girlfriend or even to the guy’s best friend? Nope. As far as I know, they are happy and ignorantly chugging along in their blissful unions.

Warning: You could one day be in this situation or, God forbid, be in it at this moment!

Cheating seems to be a common trend in the lives of college students. For instance, there are those freshmen who enter college with their high school sweethearts in tow, only to make out with every other guy on their freshman hall during Orientation weekend.

Then there are those who are on breaks with their respective boyfriends and girlfriends and decide to casually explore the Frat Quad on a given Saturday evening, only to find themselves doing the notorious walk of shame the next morning.

My favorite is the “I wasn’t sure we were together” cheating. This one is good. So, you’ve been hooking up with Guy A for a couple weeks now. This consists of spending weekend nights together, most likely wasted after a night of taking way too many shots of Crystal Palace vodka. Then there’s the occasional weekday movie night and the rare coffee date. All in all, things are going solid with Guy A.

One weekend, your friend, Guy B asks you to his fraternity’s winter formal. Of course you would be stupid not to go. You get to dress up, eat free food that is not from the Pit, drink free booze (holla at your top-shelf) and have 30 other frat boys gawk at you for the night. Sweet, right?

Wrong! Next thing you know, you wake up in Guy B’s bed, both of you naked and unaware of what you did last night. With only glimpses of your blackout to quell your conscience, you are forced to contemplate: should I tell Guy A? Thankfully, Guys A and B are in rival fraternities with no mutual friends to spill the beans, so hopefully you will be alright this time. And if he finds out, all you have to say is, “I didn’t know we were together. If we had said that we were exclusive, then I would have never hooked up with Guy B.” You got away with it this time, but you could get caught next time.

Whatever the situation may be, I’m sure that most people can say that they have either cheated, been cheated on or know of someone who has been in a similar situation. I mean, cheaters can even be dated back to the biblical periods with David and Bathsheba!

So, what is the point of this article? To be honest, there is no point. We all know that people cheat. Sex is the main reason behind it.

The act of cheating and those who practice it are an inescapable facet of human existence. It boils down to one’s choice to either join or abstain.

In the hormone-infested environment that is college, it can be hard to be faithful. Take it from me, the instant gratification of scoring with that hot guy from your political science class is not always worth it.

Here are some words to the wise:

Men are more likely to care if women cheat on them sexually; however, not so much emotionally.

Women are more likely to care if men cheat on them emotionally, but are more willing to forgive for sexual indiscretions).

If you feel the need to cheat, break up with your significant other beforehand.

Karma’s a bitch, so if you are cheating, cheat carefully.

Coitus is a member of the class of 2009.

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