The infamous walk of shame – the girl that walks across campus during classes Monday morning in her heels from the night before, mini-skirt and a man’s shirt. The walk of shame story is always amusing and good for a slightly embarrassing memory.

It’s the story about a girl that slept over at a frat house around Christmas. You can see where this is going. The next morning, she was seen walking down the road in a little black dress and heals, complete with Santa hat and ribbon. The Santa hat said, “I’ve Been Good.” Right.

Or the girl that left a guy’s room on a busy school day, in boys clothing, hair uncombed, only to encounter a tour group of shiny-faced high-schoolers and shocked parents. At the very least, it probably convinced some of the students that this is the place for them.

The walk-of-shamer is probably limping slightly from the strap of her heels cutting into her big toe, clutching a purse with one hand and trying to massage her headache away with the other.

Waking up when you don’t know where you are can be disconcerting. You feel groggy when you look around and realize you’re not in your own room. Maybe you look at the person next to you and can’t remember his name. Or worse, ask yourself, “What was I thinking?”

The best time of year to be on campus in the morning is around Halloween. You are almost guaranteed to see someone stumbling back to her room in a pirate costume or with her fairy wings still attached, drooping to one side.

There are levels to the walk of shame in Rochester. Going from the frat quad to Phase ensures that absolutely everyone sees you leaving. Campus to Southside is another matter – a long walk, with plenty of opportunities for doctors and future employers to shake their heads at the state of the young generation.

The off-campus walk of shame is also bad, simply because it’s long. Of course, there is always the option of grabbing a cab, but then you get to deal with the cabbie’s leering looks at your overexposed leg.

But waking up on the other side of the bridge is the worst. Walking around that neighborhood in a low-cut tank and mini-skirt is not the best idea if you aren’t looking to get in some trouble. And what are guys thinking when a girl leaves their room in strappy heels and sparkling tank top from the night before?

The key is to get something of the guy’s to wear before leaving. This will ensure that a little more of your cleavage is hidden before walking around campus. The problem with this is that it means seeing the hook-up in question again, something that may be adverse to either party in question.

The walk of shame is an anomaly in the world of college students. It may be embarrassing the next morning, but at least it means that someone had a good night.

Myers is a member of the class of 2009.

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