It is a memorable day today at Life, Love? Sport (Thank god it’s the Super Bowl Edition). This marks the 10th edition of LLS. I never thought I’d see the day. Today, we shall further discuss the Super Bowl and its implications on the history of the game. Also, there has been major news from the college basketball scene. Just because I spent the last two weeks watching tennis late into the night, I have to get a word in about the Australian Open. Let’s go guys.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a football game. With this week’s Super Bowl seemingly the least glamorous of them all, there are still major implications. For example, in 10 years, when Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are hosting the CBS pre-game show with Terrell Owens, how many jokes will Brady crack about the fact that Manning never won a Super Bowl? And how many of you really believe that Manning will ever get back to the Super Bowl? Marvin Harrison isn’t getting any younger, Joseph Addai is gonna want a massive contract next year, Reggie Wayne is eventually going to complain about being second fiddle, the defense still sucks and Tony Dungy will eventually have to retire.

Also, Manning is closing in on that age when quarterbacks are getting less effective. So I guess the main point of that rant is that Manning is under major pressure.

On the Bears’ side, there’s barely any pressure. Lovie Smith still has many, many years to get to the big game, Grossman is terrible and the defense will always be good. It should be a decent game; Chicago 17, Indy 14.

College basketball conversations are heating up; it’s almost time for conference tournaments. There are many surprises in the country this year. The Oregon Ducks revived themselves with the play of Aaron Brooks. Washington State has come out of nowhere to seemingly get themselves into the March Madness. The Pac-10 has become the toughest one in the country with a potential of seven of the teams getting to Dance in March.

Greg Oden has led his team into national championship contention. Kevin Durant has thrust himself into prime Player of the Year position. Basically, this year’s crop of freshmen has been ridiculous. You may think that all of them will leave after one year, and for the most part, you’d be right. But the ones who suffer injuries or just don’t play up to expectations will have to stay, which will raise the overall talent of college basketball over time. This means that by extension, the talent level of the NBA will be just that much better. And if there is anything that the big league needs, it’s better talent; the Atlanta Hawks can only suck for so long.

I don’t like Roger Federer. He’s just not very likable; he doesn’t really talk or show any emotion during matches. He’s just a very awkward human being overall. Add to that the fact that he dominates tennis like the Tiger dominates golf. The worst is that he pretends to be so surprised that he won. Come on, you’re winning 6-0, 6-0, 6-1. Stop acting like it’s your first one. The crowds in the Australian Open during his matches were falling asleep. Painful TV to say the least. He beat some dude from Chile, the result of which was never in doubt. Overall, in my opinion, besides Maria Sharapova, tennis is really lame.

Breaking news in the baseball front. It seems as though Bud Selig can’t get enough lately. Theo Epstein apparently got married this month at Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Stand in New York. I am still in shock.

Today’s rankings are based on possible Monday Morning headlines after the Super Bowl. If any of these come true, I want to see checks in my mailbox on Friday.

1 – Adam Vinatieri hooks 19 yard field goal wide right. 10 thousand Bills fans get hospitalized from laughing too hard.

2 – Rex Grossman throws touchdown, proposes to a cheerleader, gets rejected and releases a sex tape on YouTube.

3 – Peyton Manning loses game, endorsements, and team; gold-digging wife demands divorce and half his shit.

4 – Tank Johnson loses game and cool. Goes on rampage with his 500 rounds of ammunition.

5 – Robbie Gould nails 65 yard field goal to win game. Gets cut and goes back to construction.

Final Fact:

The “huddle” in football was formed due to a deaf football player who used sign language to communicate. His team didn’t want the opposition to see the signals he used and, in turn, huddled around him.

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