John Laboda graduated from UR in 2002 and has been very active since he left the University. He grew up in Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and right after he graduated from UR went to law school at the University at Buffalo, where he also received a master’s degree in Economics. Laboda is now a lawyer in the Rochester office of a large law firm, Nixon Peabody, LLP, and is president of the UR Young Alumni Council.

What did you major in at UR?

“Economics. I also was a Take Five Scholar in Political Science and History.”

If you could redo anything from your time at UR, what would you change?

“My time at UR was really enjoyable. I wish that I had taken more science or math courses and gotten involved in acting.”

Was there a particular activity or campus organization that you were heavily involved in?

“I was president of the Students’ Association my senior year. I was also a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity and the ski team.”

Is there some critical aspect of the school that you think needs to be addressed?

“We need to bring in better known speakers for the undergraduate graduation. This may seem like a superficial criticism, but it is not. While speakers with greater notoriety may not deliver more thoughtful or useful commencement addresses, they make the event more significant and special for both those graduating and their families. This suggestion is one in which few students, graduates or parents of students or graduates would disagree with me. For many graduates, this is their last impression of UR, so lets make that impression as special and positive as possible.”

What’s your favorite thing about UR that you would not want to see changed?

“I do not want to see UR lose the feel of being a liberal arts college located within a major international research university. This is our biggest strength as a university and what makes our school so special.”

What good advice do you have for current UR students?

“Every year UR seems to attract more and more amazing students. My advice for current students is to take full advantage of the opportunities to learn and experience as many new things as you can while in college. Fully appreciate where you are. College is an educational Disneyland – treat it like one. Come out of your shell and take risks – there is no way in which you are going to fail because you are learning from every experience. Also, stay connected to the University. After I graduated, a UR graduate helped me find my job, a UR graduate was my realtor and helped me find my home; and a UR graduate introduced me to my fiance. Finally, take your course-work seriously because a good academic record never hurt anyone.”

Siegel is a member of the class of 2010.

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