It’s fall in Rochester, which means the sun is gone until about June. Luckily, we have something to do while we are all inside – listen to some new releases. Both old and new artists have already released albums or will do so this fall. Here is a quick preview.

The Go! Team, “Thunder, Lightning Strike” – This “Speed Racer” inspired band is the latest from the British Isles, bent on world domination. Loads of samples infuse the band’s poppy funk sound with a style that echoes equal parts Parliament Funk, Spice Girls and – insert any indie rock band here. You surely have to hear them to believe it.

Living Things, “Ahead of the Lines” – Never heard of them? Their first album dropped a few weeks ago, and it’s safe to say you will be hearing a lot more from them. The Berlin brothers create a hard rock sound that gives off the impression that there are 30 of them, not just three. The album sounds like a mix of a more intelligent AC/DC with the politics of System of a Down. The revolution is coming, and Living Things is leading the way.

Jamie Foxx, “Unpredictable” – Was I the only one who couldn’t believe that Mr. Foxx was singing the chorus on Kanye West’s “Goldigger?” Expect much of the same hip-hop, R&B and tango on Foxx’s first release. Foxx shows his chops on this piano laden album in ballads like “Can I Take You Home?” In both genres, Foxx proves his worth as an artist.

The Darkness, “One Way Ticket to Hell ? and Back” – They hit all the right chords on their smash debut, but can they do it again? As always, the band focuses on its hair metal roots with soaring vocals and epic solos – just not as much hairspray, I think. Topics will undoubtedly include such brain-teasers as sex, women, drugs and booze. Great stuff.

Outkast, “Idlewild” – Although this album won’t hit stores until December, the thought of its release is cause for alarm. The work serves as a soundtrack for their upcoming musical set in the Depression-era South. News on the style of the album has been limited, but how can this duo rap in an era decades before the music even took hold? The answer is they do and they don’t. Big Boi has mentioned that they focused more on using real instruments to keep the sound authentic. Either way, it is the most hyped and eagerly anticipated album for the near future.

So there you have it – a mere taste of upcoming albums in the next few weeks. And with artists like Madonna, Pharrell, a solo Trey Anastacio, 50 Cent, System of a Down and even Rick Ruben producing Neil Diamond’s release, the music of the fall is sure to suit any fan’s interests.

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