Dan Rosenbaum ’07″I think it’s good except when it starts and people are freaking out because it’s crashing.”

Istvan Csapo ’05″The color scheme lacks taste. It’s ugly!”

Sylvia Christie ’07″Oh we should get some new servers, because that’s shit! I had to wait for fourty-five minutes.”

Lisa Saladino ’06Francine Brown ’06″It’s good when it’s working.”

Sean Lander ’08″It sucks because the servers get flooded every single time.”

Paul Averil ’06Krystal Hooper”It’s faster than last year’s it seems.”

Tales from Middle School: Gay panic at the mambo

She was gorgeous. She had short black hair, a short black dress, and was way out of my league. And what she did next baffles me to this day.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2023

The prevalence and fatal implications of eating disorders warrant more than just seven days of acknowledgement.

Rochester student wins main event prize at Stanford hackathon

Sid and his team created a bot that could be reached via Twitter DMs to nearby resources that help women suffering from domestic violence.