Emmy award-winning comedian Dennis Miller will be in the Palestra this Friday to celebrate Meliora Weekend with two unforgettable performances at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.Miller is best known for his political humor on “Saturday Night Live” and “Dennis Miller Live” as well as his best-selling books – “Ranting Again” and “The Rants.” The upcoming election has proven to be a metaphoric “coming out of the conservative closet” for Miller as he has spent time both with and endorsing President George W. Bush. Miller made a right turn after September 11 and now calls himself a “pragmatist,” which he defines as a division of the conservative camp. “We have to depend on ourselves in this country right now because we can’t depend on anyone else,” he said in an interview with Jay Leno in 2003. “We are simultaneously the most loved, hated, feared and respected nation on this planet. In short, we’re Frank Sinatra.”For his Friday performances, one can expect a borderline-offensive political satire including quotes along the lines of “I would call the French scum-bags, but that, of course, would be a disservice to bags filled with scum.”He defined his view of the government and foreign policy in terms of – “If two gay guys want to get married, I couldn’t care less – it’s their business. If some foreigner wants to blow their wedding up, I want my government to eliminate him.”Attending the event is sure to be a good time for students, parents coming for Meliora Weekend and anyone else who wants to laugh! Tickets are still available to students for $25 at the Common Market.Paret can be reached ateparet@campustimes.org.

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It is a dream to let the love rooted in my heart, from the people I cherish and the land I belong to, grow prosperously. 

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But even as we run from our past selves, we fall short once we realize the finish line is beyond years away, and our rushed pace is nothing but a one-way ticket to burnout.