Forget the Yellowjackets – let’s rename our teams something spicier, just like the women’s ultimate frisbee team, who call themselves the Erogenous Zones. If the name “the EZs” is any kind of proof, there can be no better way to create team solidarity and enthusiasm than by naming yourself after something everyone gets excited by. I’ll take any suggestions for a mascot.

Anyway, this past Halloween weekend was the annual Danse Macabre Tournament held at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and as a part of tradition, the 15 women’s teams participating dressed in costume. The EZs chose the theme of “Bush” and the players took that to mean whatever you can think of – political, musical and, shall we say, “anatomical.”

After winning all four of their games on Saturday – including a close match against Carnegie Mellon – the Zones proceeded into the quarterfinals Sunday morning. After defeating the Bucknell Peacefrogs in a capped game 9-5, the EZs took on the University of Pittsburgh for the right to move on into the finals.

Defeating Pitt 15-4, the EZs faced off against Caseopia, a local Rochester women’s club, in the championship round. Odds seemed to favor the older and more experienced Caseopia, but after an extremely intense game, the EZs pulled an upset and won with a final score of 12-9.

Energy remained high all weekend and by Sunday’s end, the Zones had certainly hit the spot by coming out tournament champions.

As one of the last tournaments of the fall, it certainly was a deserving milestone for a team that has been steadily developing over the past few seasons.

“We have been building our team and this is the strongest it has been in years,” a Take Five Scholar who was only referred to as “Shookie” said.

Not only do you get an original team name with the EZs, you are also given your own crazy nickname as well – some a little more obscene than others.

Practicing four times a week on the field behind Goergen Athletic Center, the ultimate frisbee team strives to encourage beginners to love the game just as much as its veteran players.

The team is entirely student-run, as there are no coaches and team captains and seniors Beth Goldstone and Suzanne Golisz lead the way in recruiting new players and teaching them the game. They usually compete against other schools in either the fall or spring months, but the EZs practice year round and occasionally end up playing a game or two in the snow.

They participate in the Ultimate Players Association, where they hope this season to earn the sectional title and move into regionals. From there, the team hopes to play in the national competition in the spring.

“We have seen a significant change in the number of girls participating and how quickly they all catch on,” junior Alison St. John explained. “We have an awesome team this year.”

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