Famed UR graphic arts designer Ray MacConnell makes a “Dirt Cake” that is so delicious that it can only be compared to heaven. His recipe has been passed down through generations of students and faculty members. All ingredients can be purchased in the corner store.

Ingredients:1 pound Oreos12 ounces cream cheese12 ounce Cool Whip1 quart milk3 packages of vanilla instant pudding1 mixing bowl

Directions:Prepare the last four ingredients in a mixer. Pulverize the Oreos and layer them on the mixture of the other ingredients. Refrigerate for five hours and serve.

Serving Suggestions:This dessert can be enjoyed many ways. The easiest and most obvious is to eat it straight out of the preparation bowl. Yes, it’s that good. For those with will power, this cake can be split among single-sized serving bowls and garnished with whole oreo cookies, gummy worms or anything else that suits your fancy.Gorode can be reached at kgorode@campustimes.org.

Midnight Ramblers to move on to ICCA semifinals

Last week, on Feb. 18, the Midnight Ramblers won the ICCA Quarterfinals at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

“The African Company” plays to the beat of its own drum

“The African Company” is a labor of passion for its material and commitment to its cause, and the hard work of its cast and crew pays off.

Rochester student wins main event prize at Stanford hackathon

Sid and his team created a bot that could be reached via Twitter DMs to nearby resources that help women suffering from domestic violence.