Ashley Latimer Class: 2005Sport: BasketballMAJOR: Economics and Historyhigh school: Sherwood High School, Sandy Spring, Md.ideal day off: Sleeping in, reading and shopping.

Favorite OTHER sport: To watch – football. To play – soccer.Favorite food: Cerealfavorite movie: “A League of Their Own”Plans after college: Work for a few years and then go law school.expectations for the season: Continue to get better as a team so we can compete for a UAA title and ultimately compete for a national title.

Favorite athletic memory: Beating New York University in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament.

Why ashley is the athlete of the Week: Ashley scored a career-high 16 points against SUNY Geneseo, leading all scorers.

Jon Onyiriuka Class: 2008Sport: BasketballMAJOR: Electrical and Computer Engineeringhigh school: Corning-Painted Post West, Corning, N.Y.ideal day off: Hanging out and sleeping.

Favorite OTHER sport: SoccerFavorite food: Mexican foodfavorite movie: “Scarface”Plans after college: Go to graduate school.

expectations for the season: Fulfill my role on the team.

Favorite athletic memory: In high school, having the longest winning streak in school history.

Why Jon is the athlete of the Week: Jon converted eight of 11 field goals, had four total rebounds and 18 total points in the romp of Elmira College. He also had 10 or more points against Nazareth and Clarkson.

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