Last night, unofficial results of the Students’ Association Senate race were made available. A total of ten senators for the 2004-05 academic year were elected by 1,282 undergraduate students.”I was really happy with the turnout,” SA President and senior Chris Calo said of the vote.Two senators per class year will be welcomed to SA Senate once results have been certified by the Election Committee.Incumbent Class of 2005 Senator Jack Voorhees is thrilled about his re-election.”It’s great, it’s been really enjoyable so far,” Voorhees said of his 2003-04 term. “That doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously.”Voorhees will be working alongside Geoffrey Bowser.”Voter turnout was pretty solid,” Speaker of the Senate and senior Alex Voetsch said, echoing Calo’s sentiments. “I look forward to working with the senators and getting started on some new initiatives as well as continuing old projects.”Newcomer David Ladon, Class of 2006 Senator, is eager to begin his senatorial duties with returning senator Nathaniel Powell. Previous involvement with SA groups motivated Ladon to seek involvement with SA government. “I’m interested in there being a voice for the undergraduate community,” he said. “I think it’s slightly odd that the voice of this community is a dean as opposed to our representatives. I’d like to see more face-to-face communication between students and upper level administrators.”I also would like to look into the creation of a student bill of rights,” Ladon continued. “I think it’s very important that we as students have certain right that should be documented and official.””The administration usually stonewalls us at every turn, but student government is still a great way to get involved and change the campus for the better,” Voorhees said, supporting enthusiasm like Ladon’s.In addition to these class senators and new Class of 2007 Senators Dominic Anderson and Emily Zametkin, two returning and two new Senators At-Large were elected.”As a Senator [At-Large], I hope to ensure that the SA is responsive to the needs of students, specifically in not wasting money on organizations that don’t have the interest or support of the student body,” sophomore Noah Lebowitz said.Lebowitz would like to see the SA use funds more efficiently, and he would also favor ultimately reducing the SA fee that all students are currently required to pay.Becca Wolfson, returning Senator At-Large and first-time member of Class of 2005 Council, is pleased with the roughly 15 percent increase in voter participation. “This is the biggest voter turnout I’ve ever seen,” Wolfson said. “In the last election, they had [only] 13 or 17 percent [of the student body] vote, so this year was impressive.”Lebowitz and Wolfson are joined by sophomores Alex Cantor and Jamella James.Mark Dundon, Election Committee Chair and senior, was also impressed, not only with the participation of student voters but also of candidates. “Every race but one was interesting,” he said, referring to the uncontested Class of 2005 race, “and it’s nice that people are getting active and voting.””A 30 percent voter turnout seems too low,” Lebowitz disagreed. “I’d like to see a higher percent vote in the next election. However, I want to represent even those that did not vote.””All the Senate candidates seem to be very active,” Dundon said, “and we hope they will carry on that enthusiasm.””It looks like a really good group of senators,” Calo concluded.Eight representatives have also been elected to each of the three class councils. Juniors Wolfson, Ajay Kuriyan, Jesse Victor, Ann Richards, Cecilia Ramos, Jesse Bailey, Erin Fraser and Crystal Cusimano will be representing the Class of 2005. Current sophomores Matt Goldblatt, Mike Rothenberg, Sara Wieseneck, Sameer Godiwala, Katherine Del Balso, Brian Thomas, Emily Augustine and Kathryn Nave will represent the Class of 2006. Finally, the Class of 2007 Council will be composed of freshmen Mike Bozzella, Alexander Pearlman, Feisal Adan, Rachel Thibo, Elizabeth McDonald, Emily Cohen, Lindsay Dussing and Jackie Borchardt.Chepovetsky can be reached at

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