Let’s get things going, let’s start D’Motions. Are you ready for Club D’Mo? D’Motions, UR’s favorite hip-hop dance group, will be kicking their heels up this Friday. In what has always been their biggest show of the school year, D’Motions promises to exceed all expectations. This year’s show features songs by B2K, Britney Spears and other delectable hip hop masterpieces. The Ballet Performance group will calm things down from the normally heated dance floor scene to showcase their poise and precision. Radiance will also be performing several of their jazz and tap routines to give the show a much-needed balance. As with every show that they perform, D’Motions will be hosting an after-party on the frat quad, the likes of which the world hasn’t since last year’s D’motions’ show after-party. Past shows and after-parties have had enormous turnouts and this year is predicted to be even better.The group consists of about 35 active members, 15 of which are freshmen. Some people, such as Maryam Jahdi have been dancing with the group for four years. She is now their Business Manager. She values her experiences in D’Motions and respects her fellow dancers a lot. “I really love dancing and performing and it seems like a good group to get both of those things from,” Jahdi said. She also has an enthusiasm for this upcoming show. “I’m really excited about it, it’s going to be really, really hot.”The D’Motions show will be this Friday at 8 p.m. in Strong Auditorium. Tickets are on sale at the Common Market for $5 or can be purchased at the door.Goldner can be reached at bgoldner@campustimes.org.

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