The squash team started off the postseason with a loss against Colby College at the College Squash Association National Championships. The 3-6 loss to Colby in the first round of the Summers Division, the year-end tournament that determines the final standings of teams ranked 17th through 24th, was disheartening. With a win in the first round, the team could have placed no worse than 20th in the national rankings. However, the team bounced right back to shutout Massachusetts Institute of Technology the next day.Take Five Scholar Allen Fitzsimmons took his match to five games. He lost his first game 2-9, then took two straight with 9-2 and 9-5 wins. Fitzsimmons dropped the next two 8-10 and 9-10, respectively.Senior Dave Easwaran got off to a good start with a 9-2 win but lost the next three 2-9, 0-9 and 4-9 to lose the match.Senior Pete Avitable swept his match with three wins. He scored 9-6, 9-4 and 9-4.Junior Gen Izumida was defeated in his first game 3-8. He edged out a win the second game by a score of 10-8. Izumida lost his next two games 7-9 and 2-9.Senior Drew Chapman was swept in three games 4-9, 0-9 and 0-9. Sophomore Max Benjamin won his match in four games. He defeated his opponent 9-3 in his first game then lost 8-10.Freshman Kelvin Ko took his match to all five games to achieve victory. His scores were 9-4, 6-9, 3-9, 9-5 and 9-1.Sophomore Jay Archarya was defeated in three matches. He lost 8-10, 2-9 and 3-9.Junior Sunit Chaudhry suffered defeat as well. He won his first game 9-6, but lost his next three 2-9, 5-9 and 3-9, respectively.The squash team played MIT on Saturday and defeated them 9-0. Fitzsimmons, Easwaran, Avitable, Ko, Archarya and Chaudhry each defeated their opponent in three consecutive games to sweep their respective matches.Tice can be reached at

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