UR students enjoy the multitude of events scattered throughout the campus calendar, but many may not realize how significant of a role the Campus Activities Board has in such programs, in addition to the dedication and effort that this organization puts forward to cater to the needs of the student body. The focus of CAB currently is on this weekend’s Winter Fest program, featuring comedian Mitch Hedberg on Friday, followed by Casino Night and the fifth annual Masquerade Ball on Saturday. This is just a timely sampling of CAB’s prominent role in student life, as this group offers many additional events throughout the year. They kick off the school year with the festive Yellowjacket Day, and as the semester unfolds, promote annual events such as the Halloween Rocky Horror Picture Show, Meliora Weekend and the Boar’s Head Dinner. CAB has delved into new programming to bolster these traditional events, with the emergence of the relatively new “Mondays Suck” program. These smaller events provide study breaks for students with free refreshments and stress relieving opportunities, like Child Regression Day, when students can play board games and color to ease their academic pressures. The Boar’s Head Dinner is a favorite of CAB members, including junior Dan Perlmutter, event chairperson. “We bring students and faculty together,” Perlmutter said. CAB’s administrative chairperson, junior Brian Goldhagen, emphasized in this event and others the significance of tradition, as it “has appeal to the student body.”Appealing to the student body is a challenge facing CAB – the organization has the responsibility of programming activities that attract a variety of students to their events. “We try to cover a broad spectrum because we try to both interest students and faculty, trying to get the entire campus involved,” Perlmutter explained. Goldhagen described that the role of CAB on campus is “to provide diversity and interesting entertainment in the university community, with a big emphasis on Wilson Commons.” CAB plans with special attention to non-exclusionary, events to unite students and faculty throughout the year.The officers of CAB exude enthusiasm for contributing to the campus community through their events and serving students and faculty, and welcome input from students as well as new members. “Not many people realize they can have an influence,” Perlmutter said. “We encourage people to join CAB and take an active role in student life here.”

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This sent me down a rabbit hole — how much force do you need to physically remove a male genitalia from the rest of the body?