Police Officer Creates Video On How To Avoid DUI’s – Controversial or Educational?

A videocassette on how to avoid a DUI is igniting controversy across the nation. Tim Stone, a police officer in Tennessee produced the tape and is marketing it on the Internet at Stone said he’s made hundreds of traffic stops over the years, many for DUI. He wants to convey his knowledge and experience to the general public.

He said, “Many people simply don’t understand the laws or their rights, and they surely don’t know how easy it is to become a DUI suspect. His tape will help educate the public about those facts. “We created this not to condone, but to educate on the facts surrounding drinking and driving, and what they should expect from police, if they decide to drink and drive.” But many critics say he gives away too many police secrets and that the tapes should not be produced.

Nancy Denning with Mothers against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) said, “Why would an average citizen need to know if they’re not planning to drive drunk.” “The focus should be on trying to get drunk drivers off the road not telling them how to avoid a DUI.”

But, the producers of the video stated that the despite any legislation, the reality is that millions of people will continue to choose to drink and drive every day, and with the legal B.A.C limit dropping, more casual drinkers will make themselves unwittingly susceptible to unnecessary DUI charges. Tim thinks the public should know as much as possible and that they have the right to know this information. He also feels the new DUI laws do not reflect the true desires of the majority of Americans, rather it reflects the opinion of special interest groups who prey on disinformation and inflated statistics to justify their existence on Capitol Hill.

Tim feels that the general population is plenty aware of the problem, but no one is educating them how to be aware of themselves, and the part they play in the problem. Tim says, “People who drink always have the idea that it is the other guy that is causing the problems associated with drinking and driving. They don’t leave the bar with thoughts of statistics or blood and guts videos. But, if they will watch this video they will walk away with new perspective and knowledge of what lies ahead of them.” He says people who watch the video can more properly assess themselves as a possible DUI suspect by knowing how law enforcement goes about that process. He feels that by making people more aware of all the issues and processes surrounding DUI that people will make better informed decisions about drinking and driving, and will more likely choose to avoid drinking and driving entirely.

Tim can be contacted for interviews at

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