Everyone should take a moment and read the Letter to the Editor from Director of Wilson Commons and Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier, in which she discusses recent thefts from the Haven’s Lounge in Wilson Commons.

Three considerably-sized pictures were stolen from the walls – pictures that had been securely fastened in place, and whose removal clearly necessitated the use of tools.

Thefts and other vandalism have a profound effect on both faculty and students at UR. The administration and Wilson Commons staff have spent a countless amount of time and money in their effort to improve the livability and overall aesthetic appeal of Wilson Commons – as well as the rest of campus – and thefts such as these, just as with the Strawberry picture stolen from Danforth earlier this semester, accomplish little more than trivializing those efforts and blatantly disrespecting the university and those involved.

Additionally, crime on campus has an effect on the tuition bill of every student. If theft and vandalism don’t directly append extra costs to the general tuition of the university, reparation costs are pulled from other organizations’ budgets.

Minor theft and pranks have been occurring as long as the campus has existed, but when these crimes escalate to the point at which they require tools and a concerted effort, and ultimately garner unwieldy photographs or paintings that are of little use to students beyond the novelty of the theft itself, something must change. Stealing and grafitti just eventually harm the student body itself.

Now that the novelty has worn out, the actual stolen items should be returned, anonymously or otherwise.

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