The Rochester Everyday program has already experienced great success through its efforts to encourage both businesses and students to participate in the Oct. 31 launch date. Further effort, however, needs to be taken to promote the program throughout the rest of the year.

Their accomplishment is evident – forty-six businesses are currently participating in the program and many students have signed up for the service.

The committee worked well in advertising the event in late October, flyering dining halls across campus and manning a table in Hirst Lounge. Since Halloween, however, little effort has been put into getting more students involved and bringing light to the advantages of the program.

While the RED sticker can be purchased at the Common Market, many students still do not know the program exists.

RED is simply not making adequate use of the resources available to it.

While still under construction, RED’s Web site lists all of the participating businesses. Despite this useful list, there are no university Web sites that offer a link to the RED site. Its closest and most accessible resource that many computers have set as their home page – the Students’ Association Web site, the Hive – does not even have any mention of the program at all.

Additionally, there have been few posters, if any, placed around the academic and residential areas of campus, and little other publicity.

In order for it to be successful, the RED program needs to ensure that students at least know about the sticker, and know how beneficial the discounts are.

Once they are interested and excited about the program, they will encourage other businesses to participate by asking if the particular establishment gives a discount. With adequate attention paid, both students and local businesses will reap the benefits.

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