The official title of this column is Editorial Observer. But a name more befitting to this particular piece might be Editorial Admiration, or Appreciation, or Gratitude. The subject of my encomium is a UR professor that includes life lessons and genuine compassion on the course syllabus alongside selected readings and term papers.His name is Jim Memmott and he’s more than the archetypal college instructor. The heart and soul behind a one-man Journalism Department, Professor Memmott is a man every student should get to know during his time on campus. A dead ringer for “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David, Professor Memmott looks the part of stalwart reporter to a T. With his low-twill khaki hat, messenger bag and slow, deliberate walk, he tirelessly maneuvers back and forth between UR and his other job, as senior editor for the Democrat and Chronicle. A respected writer and reporter, Professor Memmott has covered everything from the Buffalo Bills to county elections. His versatility is a testament to the type of man that he is – bright, inquisitive, thorough, and, most importantly, terribly kind and easy to speak to. Never have I seen a man sip so much coffee while maintaining such a calm, relaxed demeanor. One of the most amiable and caring instructors on campus, the role of authoritarian is not one he enjoys playing. He respects his students and they respect him.Kids flock to his office hours on a regular basis, not to gripe about grades or coursework, but to chat about anything on their minds. Politics, sports, academics, movies, weather, fitness, the legal system and career goals are all on the menu at Morey 419.The first time I met Professor Memmott was in his office after a cold-call e-mail regarding one of his courses. A doe-eyed freshman at the time, I arrived at his door more than a bit intimidated. “Hi, I’m Mike Gerton,” I recall muttering in a very low tone. “No you’re not,” he said, with eyes wide and no smile. I froze, as it was about the only response I hadn’t anticipated. Immediately thereafter he cracked a grin, invited me to have a seat, and my relationship with him has continued to grow ever since.It’s impossible to precisely gauge the impact Professor Memmott has had on my career at UR. All I know is that I arrived in Rochester an “undecided” freshman with few legitimate academic interests. Now, as I prepare to graduate this coming fall, I will have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, interned at sports staffs at several newspapers and publications, applied to numerous others for future positions and finished a sports editorship at the Campus Times.It’s safe to say that he has had more than a minor influence.Gerton can be reached at

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