After two years of service in the Students’ Association Senate, Class of 2004 Senator Peter Ordal resigned last week.

Ordal’s departure was not a direct result of recent struggles within the student government and the All Campus Judicial Council rulings regarding elections. “As long as I’ve been on senate there have always been internal matters eating away at our time,” Ordal said. “In the past, we’ve had to deal with negligence on the senate body and some overzealous attempts at political maneuvering. This was just the latest version of an old problem.”

Part of the ACJC’s ruling stipulated that the ballot remain the same when the elections are redone. Ordal’s name will appear during the new elections, to be held from April 7 – 9, but he will resign again if he wins.As senator, Ordal is notable for chairing the Services Committee, resolving issues with the new printing program and publishing a reference sheet of campus resources, which is available in the SA Office.

“Peter will be sorely missed on the body because he was one of our most active and capable senators,” Deputy Speaker of the Senate and senior Steve Duszlak said. “His efforts as Services Committee Chair through the printing issue were outstanding and as a Senator he served the students of UR in exemplary fashion.”

Senator and sophomore Thomas Hayes is assuming Ordal’s post as Services Committee Chair. “A lot of people believe that student government doesn’t do anything on this campus but Peter has proved them wrong,” Hayes said.

“He has been truly dedicated to helping students and would have made a fine Speaker [of the Senate] had he decided to continue. He will definitely be missed,” he added.

Computers to be installed in Wilson CommonsIn a joint collaboration, members of the Computer Interest Floor, the Student Activities Office and the executive branch of the Students’ Association are bringing plans together for placing computers in Wilson Commons for students to use.

Potential locations include Hirst Lounge or the Common Ground Caf. Another possibility is to renovate the Hive to be a space for computers.CIF would be responsible for maintaining the computers, and members of CIF along with the SAO are going to look at computer kiosks at the Simon Graduate School of Business Administration on Tuesday to get an idea of how to implement stations in Wilson Commons.

Plans will most likely go into effect beginning next year or before. “My guess is before next year there will be computers for students to use in Wilson Commons,” senior and SA President Lonny Mallach said. Talks are still in progress about what systems to use, whether they will be terminals at which you can sit or stand and where they will be placed.

Regardless, it is felt that the new computers will be a positive improvement. “The ability to quickly check your e-mail from different parts of campus is something many students will take advantage of,” Mallach said. “Having computers will improve the building.”

Reporting by Jeff Keesing and Kerri Linden.

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