We live in interesting times, to say the least. The United States is dropping thousands of bombs, Iraq is fighting back with a variety of unorthodox tactics, the international community is generally divided about the validity of this war, and meanwhile we are told that to be good citizens we should just stay quiet and support our administration. However, such an ideology is the opposite of the very principles our country was founded on. Your stance on the war is your choice to make. I encourage everyone to stay informed and make their own decisions. However, whichever side you find yourself on, now is not the time to remain silent. If you are for the war, then I’m sure the administration would love hearing from you. If you’re against the war, then the administration and the rest of the world needs to hear from you. Now is not a time where we can afford to let our beliefs go unheard. Keep informed and keep an open mind, and hopefully whatever ends up happening will be for the benefit of all of humanity.

Aaron GallantClass of 2005

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