Four steal microfridges, one suspect hides in river

Security officers went to the basement of Fairchild at 1:57 a.m., April 8, in response to a student security aide’s report that a room appeared to have been broken into.

En route, an officer encountered four individuals carrying two “microfridge” units in the tunnel, according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty.

After arriving on the scene, the officer noted that the door to the room was forcibly opened and, upon checking, the officer found that the room was used for storage.

The officer then returned to the individuals carrying the microfridges. Upon spotting the officer, one of the suspects immediately fled.

The remaining three were identified as undergraduate students, one of whom admitted to the officer that he had entered the room after finding it open and took the two microfridges to put in his room.

The two others told officers that the third person told them he was going to give the units to friends.

Despite the officer’s directions one of the students continually reached into his front pocket and was repeatedly told to remove his hand from his pocket.

As additional officers arrived, the suspect who kept reaching into his pocket bolted and fled from the officers.

He was later found hiding in the bushes next to the old rail road bridge in River Lot.

The suspect was soaking and told officers that he had been hiding in the river for about 15 minutes.

Officers searched the suspect and found that he had a large knife in his pocket.

The suspect told officers that he had consumed 16 alcoholic beverages between 10 p.m. and 1:15 a.m. The knife was confiscated and the student was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department for further evaluation and treatment.

The remaining two students were interviewed and released by the security supervisor. The two units were collected and taken to the security offices for safekeeping.

Student wounded in attempted burglary

An undergraduate student attending the Eastman School of Music was walking along Scio Street near the Eastman Complex on April 4 around 11:19 p.m., when he heard a voice behind him ask for his wallet.

The student ignored the request and continued walking, according to UR security.

The suspect again asked for the student’s wallet, and the student turned to face the suspect. The student reports that as he turned around, the suspect said “no” and grabbed the student by the neck. The student reported to officers that he struck the suspect in the face and the suspect let go of him and pulled a small knife, lunging at him.

The student reports that he blocked the suspect’s attack and the knife struck his leg. The victim reports the suspect then fled from the area. The student went to his room in order to summon assistance.

UR security and police responded and the immediate and surrounding areas were checked for the suspect with no success.

The student was treated by Rural Metro for a superficial cut on his leg and released by EMS personnel.

Items stolen from Fraternity Quad

A student residing in Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity House awoke at 4:30 a.m. April 4 to find an unidentified suspect going through the clothing in his room.

Upon discovering that the student was awake and watching him, the suspect left the room. The suspect left the house and briefly entered a vehicle parked along Fraternity Road.

The suspect then entered the Psi Upsilon House and exited a few minutes later carrying what he believed to be stereo equipment, according to the student.

After witnessing the event, the student notified security. Officers responded but, despite their efforts, the suspect eluded officers, driving at a high rate of speed and nearly colliding with patrol vehicles, Lafferty said.

The suspect left campus and officers pursued, trying to keep up with the vehicle. The vehicle was travelling at such a high rate of speed, however, that officers were not able to keep the vehicle in sight.

Students in Psi Upsilon report stereo equipment and a television valued at an estimated $730 were stolen from the house. A police report was filed.

Information provided by UR Security.

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