There are many times when the phrase “Records were ment to be broken” is appropriate. Sporting events,money raised, etc are good. Number of late bugets and number of days past the deadline are not. Now, I know that these things are difficult and require a lot of thought and take time. For that reason, this year on election day, this is how I will proceed. Although my decisions on city,county and U.S. representatives have been made, I am going to be much more diligent with regards to my selection for state representatives.I believe it could be February, possibly March, before I have gathered enough information to make a proper choice. This may seem a little over-the-top but, if I’m need to decide who is going to lower my state’s credit rating, increase my state’s interest payments, create havoc in my school district and local government budget process and so on, I’m going to need a little extra time. I would suggest that all of the good and conscientious voters of New York excercise the same diligence. Don’t vote for that state candidate until you are ready!!! Make your non-vote of confidence count.

Terence SullivanCanandaigua,New York

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