Just after 4 a.m. Saturday morning, a car flipped upside down near 612 Wilson Blvd.

A student who was in a room in Kendrick heard a loud crash and went outside to investigate said that no one was in the vehicle when he reported the incident to security.

“The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle trying to negotiate the turn from Intercampus Drive onto Wilson Boulevard due to excessive speed,” security investigator Dan Lafferty said.

Responding officers from the Rochester Police Department advised the vehicle had been reported stolen from Gates, N.Y.

It is unknown whether the driver was injured as a result of the accident.

Student held-up near pedestrian bridge

A UR student was robbed Saturday morning around 12:10 a.m. walking back to campus from a party at the Chi Phi Fraternity house.

The student told security that as he was approaching the Genesee River footbridge, a group of four men approached and surrounded him. The suspects told him to stop and empty his pockets, according to security reports.

One of the suspects opened the student’s wallet and took $45 from inside and all of the suspects walked off in the direction of Brooks Avenue.

There were no weapons displayed or threatened and the student was not injured, Lafferty said.

After the incident, the student returned to his room and notified security Sunday. The victim also filed a report with the Rochester Police Department.

Items stolen from Crosby room

A student away for the weekend reported to security that over $200 of property was stolen from inside his first floor Crosby room.

The student told security that sometime between Thursday and Sunday, unidentified suspects broke into his room through a first floor window that he had left partially open for the weekend.

The suspect cut the window screen to gain access to the room, Lafferty said.

The victim told security that a zippo lighter and CD drive for his computer were stolen and that damage to the screen is estimated at approximately $20.

No other items were stolen or damaged, according to the student.

A report was filed with RPD.

Double fire alarm pulled in Gilbert

Early Friday morning, officers responded to the double activation of fire alarms in Gilbert Hall. After searching through the building, the officers found no signs of fire and deemed the pull to be a prank.

After further on-site investigation, security located a student who was responsible for pulling one of the alarms. He told officers that he had become angry when the first alarm sounded so he pulled the second one.

Officers detected the odor of alcohol on the student’s breath and he showed signs of being drunk. The 17-year-old student refused to answer questions about any alcohol consumption, according to security reports.

Investigators are still trying to determine if the student has had anything to do with any of the other false alarms in the building over the previous several weeks, Lafferty said.

The student currently faces no criminal charges and the matter has been referred to the Dean of Students Office for further review.

Unknown man sleeping in Meliora

Security officers responded Saturday afternoon to a report that an individual was sleeping on the third floor of Meliora Hall.

According to security reports, the officers located the individual and found that he had no affiliation with the university. The individual was identified, warned and escorted from the area without incident.

Information provided

by UR security.

Hildebrandt can be reached at thildebrandt@campustimes.org.

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