It has no plot or story. Even the dialogue between the characters is minimal. Still, the Broadway show ?Stomp? has artists who manage to entertain through their mastery of sound and beat along with their ongoing interactions with one another.

Conceptually, ?Stomp? is a masterpiece. Created by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas by literally stomping on the streets of England, ?Stomp? has every day objects, the sounds of which we would usually try to zone out ? except now, they sound in sync.

The cast uses brooms, bins, poles, sand, sink plugs, matches, bathroom sealant and even ball point pens as instruments to make a fast moving musical and take part in very physical performance that is definitely an eyeful.

The 90-minute show has eight performers who are masters at their respective instruments and excel at working as a team. If their interaction does not hold the audience?s attention, their respective comic timing will.

While all of the show is a display of ingenuity and creativity, the scene with the poles and the bins captures the audience?s attention because not only does it have individual displays of dance and skill, but also coordination within the troupe.

The effects created by the lighting stood out in the sequences with the matches. The visual that this created was an inviting change of pace to the performance.

Also, since the theatrical performance relied solely on rhythm, its appeal extended to many cultures, age groups and social backgrounds.

The audience at Rochester?s Auditorium Center was eager to participate when the cast members encouraged an altogether interactive show.

All in all, ?Stomp? is really separate from all other musicals and Broadway extravaganzas.

The originality of the creators stood out because it is quite a feat to have actually coordinated such unique sounds made entirely with the use of non-conventional instruments.

So while the lack of conversation leaves something to crave, the concept of making beautiful rhythms in the most unusual manner creates an altogether delightful performance.

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