Along with every new semester comes a number of visible changes to our campus. Who can forget the day when the construction area next to Wilson Commons was transformed into the beautiful Dandelion Square?

This year there were many things that were revamped on this campus. For example, the bookstore was improved and reopened. Moreover, the Common Ground Caf added a whole section for smoothies on their menu of drinks.

One change that came under question by some students is Danforth Dining Center?s decision to replace their old rectangular tables with round ones and add more booths.

Many students disapproved of the change because they preferred the rectangular tables since they offered a better seating arrangement for large groups of students.

?I find it humorous that the University is trying to establish a better student community by limiting the number of people we can talk to while we eat to eight people,? said senior Rishi Mulgund. ?The circular tables once again prove the age-old saying that everything is better your freshman year.?

Although some students have expressed dissatisfaction at the new tables, other students think the change is an improvement over last year?s arrangement.

?The circular tables are better because it?s easier to communicate or to converse with my friends. It makes for a more personable meal,? said sophomore Anne Cohan.

Danforth?s decision to replace the rectangular tables with the round tables has a reason behind it. Apparently, Dean of the College William Green made that decision ?to provide a sense of community,? said Danforth Manager Patricia Hudson.

The new tables and booths give Danforth a facelift with the new decor. As for the old tables, ?They are stored right now and posted on the web for anyone who needs them? said Hudson.

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