September 12,2001

To all Americans and defenders of truth, justice, life and freedom across this planet called Earth.

September 11,2001, A Day The World Held Its Breath

The eyes of all mankind have been opened due to the recent events in the United States of America. Now that we (the human race) are awakened, we must act to save ourselves from these continued actions. A battle has been staged (a line drawn) between the dark forces of hate, death, and fear towards the defenders of freedom, peace, liberty and life.

As the entire world watched, the United States of America was attacked in New York and in the nations Capitol Washington D.C. The result, thousands of innocent lives perished. We (as a planet) must stand as one unified force. We must take action to extinguish these suppressors on all shores. We must stand united as one, for this is a global dilemma. This attack may have recently been on the shores of the United States of America. But make no mistake, ?this is a Global War against hatred and terrorism. For terrorism knows no race, color or creed.? If you have breath with in your lungs and blood in your veins, you are alive. For most ?as logical humans? you value your life and the lives of those you covet. Making this acknowledgment, you must fear terrorists who wish to engage in the act of taking life from you and your loved ones.

Let the cries of all the victims of terrorism throughout the world stand as a symbol of what we as a race will not tolerate. For not one more moment shall we (the human race) allow these acts of bloodshed and horror on any of our fellow comrades, no matter what land they stand on or flag they fly. If you have a voice, you must sing. Sing with the voice of freedom, compassion, liberty, truth and justice. Let us unite as one, and show the world our determination.

If we stand united, we shall not be vanquished in this action to save mankind from this horror of total global anilation. For we as people ?under one race,? can stand united and defeat the forces of evil. A door has been open. Now let the Supreme light shine through. This is not a test, but a mission and accomplishment for all that breathe under the blue sky we share as one.Make no mistake, this is a war of good against evil and there is no longer room for any form of procrastination in this battle of life.

One last word to all of the murdering terrorists of our planet. It is now your turn to scurry and be full of fear. For now the sleeper has awaken!

Let the voice of all mankind sing to the highest mountains, lowest valleys and every plain in-between. Let the people sing as one, let the Voice be heard.?

Spencer Burton Sr.An Italian AmericanSt. Louis, MissouriUnited States of America(The Planet Earth)

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