?The seniors on the squash team have set a high standard of work ethic that will pave the way in future years. They made my first year as a squash coach a manageable and enjoyable experience.?


?I have had some members of the senior class come and go over the years, but they have all contributed in some way to the tennis team. Our team has been climbing more and more hurdles each year, and we finally received an NCAA berth this year.

Best of luck to all graduating seniors.?

? Chris O?Brienhead coach, men?s squash and tennis

?Thoughts about seniors Arna, Ticia, Stacey ? three very strong-minded individuals who have given energy, time, talent and a wonderful sense of self to our lacrosse program. They play the game for enjoyment, competition and a desire to be challenged. They have brought us to a higher level of awareness of what it means to ?put it on the line? and to be successful. We are a better team because of their commitment to women?s lacrosse and we thank them for everything.

Stacey ? return to the reservation and introduce new ideas with patience and wisdom

Ticia ? travel to Africa with open eyes

Arna ? arrive in NYC ready to compete.?

? Andrea Goldenhead coach, women?s lacrosse

?As the only class remaining from the team that won the conference championhip, the seniors brought excellent leadership to a young team. Laila Ibrahim and Amanda Zink were both named players of the week various times throughout the season. They will be missed.?

? Dawn Kellyhead coach, women?s volleyball

?Dear Beth, Iris, Kate, Kiana, Meg and Therese:

Can you believe graduation is here? Didn?t you just get here? I know you are all feeling that sense that something special is over ? and of course in some way it is ? but in reality, everything now begins.You?ve made friends and have had experiences that will last a lifetime.You have had incredible accomplishments both on the field and in the classroom.You helped make our campus a better place, showed the true meaning of the term student-athlete and made us all proud in the process. I would like to wish you all the best as you now begin your next great adventure. Please remember us often, keep the university and soccer team always a part of your life and continue to make us proud in everything you do. Thank you for all you have done.?

-? Terry Gurnett

head coach, women?s soccer

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