Dean of Freshmen Dale McAdam will be leaving his position after 10 years.

Deborah Rossen-Knill, who is also the director of the College Writing Program, will become the new dean of freshmen at the end of June.

McAdam feels that now is a good time to leave his position because freshman housing will cause a major job change for the dean of freshmen. He will continue teaching in the department of psychology.

?Having someone fresh in the job will probably work better,? McAdam said.

The dean of freshmen typically helps ease the freshman transition to college and is in charge of orientation programs, building relationships between students and advisors, training and assigning faculty advisors, the Quest Program and academic probation.

Rossen-Knill looks forward to getting to know the freshmen and working with student groups for upperclassmen, faculty and staff to strengthen connections between freshman residential life and college programs, activities and services.

She would also like to develop more opportunities for faculty-student interaction outside the classroom and to foster a lively and accepting intellectual community in the residence halls.

Rossen-Knill has already done extensive work with the Freshman Housing Implementation Committee and played a large role in revising the resident adviser job description.

However, she would like to encourage student involvement in all the new programs for freshmen.

?Since few people know me at this point, I would like to say that I always welcome student input and hope that any student with an idea or concern will feel comfortable coming to me,? she said.

?I guarantee a thoughtful and respectful response,?

Dean of the College William Green stressed the advantages of a dean of freshmen who is also the director of college writing.

?She integrates in a formal way the educating and advising functions of the dean of freshmen,? he said.

?She is a person of tremendous ability who?s had extreme success in transforming the writing program.?

McAdam is UR?s first dean of freshmen. Prior to this position?s creation, the Center for Academic Support was in charge of the responsibilities.

McAdam said that he enjoyed his job because it got him out of his own department and into contact with faculty in other departments.

?I found a core group of people who really care about our students. It has been terrific during the Renaissance Plan. We are a much better place for our students than we were 10 years ago,? McAdam said.

McAdam will be leaving this position in order to put more energy into the psychology program. He teaches Introduction to Psychology, Biology of Social and Clinical Behavior and Teaching Psychology.

?He did a fabulous job,? Green said. ?He set high standards and was a powerful advocate for freshmen and an extraordinary dean.?

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